Monday, 11 July 2016

Meal Plan Monday | 11th July 2016

Well this week is a bit of a fail, after travelling most of the day to Glasgow for a 30 minute appointment, working Saturday morning then having an acupuncture session that afternoon, I haven't had time to make up a meal plan this week.  I am writing this post this morning while eating breakfast, yep that is how organised I am! 

My meal plan this week is non-existent so your guess is as good as mine when it comes to what I will be eating for the next few days, all I know is that I'm having steak tonight as I bought a 2 pack of them on Saturday and will be needing used up.  Worry not, my freezer is stocked with things that I can eat so I won't waste away ;).

If you are better organised than me and wish to join in this week then add your post to the linky below.  I will be properly organised next week (I hope) and have my meal plan ready for Monday. Have a lovely week :)

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Friday, 8 July 2016

Yankee Candle Riviera Collection Review

Yankee Candle Riviera Collection Review

I do love a good scented candle and out of all of them that I've tried Yankee Candle is definitely my favourite; they have a long burning time, burn evenly and come in a huge variety of amazing scents.  I have even converted one of my friends to Yankee Candle as she said that they last so much longer than the cheaper ones you can buy in the shops.

Lighting a scented candle in the evening is one way that I unwind after a long day at work, I find it relaxing watching the glow of the candlelight in the room as well as the scent filling the air.  Just as I change my decor to the season, I love to change the scent to match whichever season it is; a spicy Apple scent for Autumn and a sweet festive one at Christmas time.  For the Summer months Yankee Candle have the Riviera Collection out, a range of fresh Summery fragrances with a touch of the Mediterranean.

Yankee Candle Riviera Collection Review

The Riviera Escape 6 Votive House Gift Set £10.99 from Love Aroma is a pretty gift set, ideal either for a gift for a Yankee Candle lover or for yourself so you can sample each fragrance to see which one you like before purchasing a candle jar.  As the name suggests it contains 6 votives containing the Summer scents; Riviera Escape, Summer Peach, Sicilian Lemon, Olive & Thyme, Sea Salt & Sage and Lavender.  I tried each one and this is what I thought of the scents.

Riviera Escape
Is a fresh Oceanic scent which I love during the Summer months as it makes me think of clear blue seas and white sands, even when the weather in the UK is grey skies and chucking down with rain.  This was one of my favourites, it would also be an ideal scent to use in your bathroom all year round.

Yankee Candle Riviera Collection Review

Summer Peach
This is a fruity scent and it reminded me on being sixteen and dousing myself in the Body Shop's Fuzzy Peach perfume, as you do at that age. I did find it quite overpowering when burning and not a fragrance I particularly enjoyed.

Yankee Candle Riviera Collection Review

Sicilian Lemon
Another fruity scent that when sniffing it cold smells like Lemon Starburst sweets  (or Opal Fruits as I still sometimes call them) but on burning didn't throw off any scent at all.  I even changed the room it was burning in but sadly still never got that lemony scent when walking into the room.

Yankee Candle Riviera Collection

Olive & Thyme
Although this sounds a weird combination it does actually work, it smells of herbs with a hint of citrus and has a nice earthy aroma to it.  It made me think on how a rustic Italian kitchen might smell like.

Yankee Candle Riviera Collection Review

Sea Salt & Sage
This was another lovely scent and had a more masculine fragrance to it as it smelled slightly of aftershave.  It had a sea salt aroma along with a slight citrus hint to it, if you know a male that loves candles then this scent would make a lovely gift for them (or even for yourself).

Yankee Candle Riviera Collection Review

As the name would suggest the scent it gives off is Lavender, I'm not a huge fan of Lavender scented things but it is a perfect votive for burning in your bedroom as it does fill the air with a lavender aroma ready to relax you before bed.

Yankee Candle Riviera Collection Review

What's your favourite Yankee Candle scent?  Have you tried any of the above fragrances?

Also if you fancy buying a Yankee a Candle or two head to Love Aroma and use the code LIFEOFDEE at the checkout before 31 August 2016 and receive 20% off

I was sent these votives to review by Love Aroma but all thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.

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Monday, 4 July 2016

Meal Plan Monday | 4th July 2016

Meal Plan Monday Link Up

Happy 4th July to my American readers, hope you have a fantastic day whatever you get up to! Let me know what you get up to :).

Last week's menu plan was a bit of a fail due to the fact we have two cute furry new arrivals that have come to live with us.  We weren't looking to get a couple of kittens until after we have had our IVF, as we would need someone to look after them while we were away but after receiving a Facebook message on my day off from someone at work about two kittens that had came in for their first vaccinations and microchip looking for a home and would be ideal for me, well obviously I said yes! Wednesday night was a dash to Pets at Home to spend a fortune get bowls, scratching post, toys, litter trays, food and a carrier for the kittens as we got rid of most of Ben's things after he was put to sleep so can't even remember what I had but it was likely not very healthy and snacky.  As we didn't pick up the kittens until after 7pm on Thursday we dropped in by one of our local takeaways on our way home.  Who wants to cook when there is kittens to cuddle?!

I will do a blog post in the next couple of weeks introducing you to them, I don't even have a photo to show you as if they aren't fleeing around the room, climbing curtains and jumping around the sofa they are sleeping under the sofa even though there is a warm cosy bed for them to sleep in.

This week's menu plan is:

Monday - Burgers & Chips - seeing as it's the 4th July I decided to join in with the celebrations and eat an American themed meal.

Tuesday - BBQ Chicken Burrito Bowl - from American themed to Mexican themed, basically it's a bowl of rice topped with BBQ pulled chicken, black beans, sweetcorn, salsa, guacamole & coconut yoghurt. Yum!

Wednesday - Pizza & Cake - it's my work's first birthday so we are having pizza & cake to celebrate once the practice shuts for the night.

Thursday - Mushroom Puffs - I never made these last week so will get round to doing it this week.

Friday - Down in Glasgow for the day as I have an appointment at the IVF clinic, I'm getting a uterine NK cell biopsy.  It's where they take a sample of my womb lining to check the natural killer levels, if it's greater than 5% I will need to take steroids and inject myself with clexane (a blood thinner) every day from embryo transfer until 12 weeks pregnant.  Will be eating out somewhere down there so if you know of any good places to eat then let me know.

Saturday - Working and then acupuncture in the afternoon so will have a takeaway as wont be bothered cooking.

Sunday - If it's a nice day (well we can but hope) we might have a BBQ as have loads of stuff in the freezer that needs using up.

What are you having this week? Remember and add your post to the Linky below :)

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