Tuesday, 31 March 2015

DIY - Decorated Wooden Easter Bunnies

Decorated Easter Bunny DIY

Rabbits and chicks are often used as Easter symbols and I have seen some lovely wooden Easter Bunny decorations in the shops but some of these come with a hefty price tag.  I haven't done any crafty type stuff in ages and since I'm not working at the moment and have plenty of time I thought why not decorate my own.

I bought the pre-cut mdf rabbit shape on eBay for £1 each plus £1.80 p&p which arrived quite quickly and I decided to spray paint them a cream colour.  Other things you could do to decorate the bunnies is to decoupage them with some nice paper or you could distress the paint to give it a rustic feel to it.

From Hobbycraft I bought the spray paint Plastikote in Antique White (£7.99), the Pom Pom maker (£5.90) and the wool (£1).  I have never used a Pom Pom maker before, I remember making Pom Poms at school using two cardboard circles with holes cut out in the middle (that we made ourselves) and winding the wool around that like this.

Since it was a sunny day and not wanting spray paint (or the smell) in my house I decided to spray them outside.  It takes around an hour for the paint to be touch dry before starting on the other side.  With trying to spray around the edges there was a little bit of paint that has run onto the side but you don't really notice it unless you look closely (although the camera seems to have picked it up really well !!)

I made the bunny's tail using the Pom Pom maker, which was really easy to use.  You open up one side of the pom pom maker and wind the wool around that side and then repeat on the other.  Once  both sides have been wound clip them together and cut all the way around, then tie a piece of wool around the middle and then pop the maker open. Voila a pom pom!!

You can use either hot glue or glue dots to stick the pom pom onto the wooden bunny and attach ribbon or raffia around its neck to make a bow or you could attach a pretty flower instead.

Have you made any Easter decorations?


Monday, 30 March 2015

Week in Review 23-29 March

Happy Monday! Hope you had a fabulous weekend? The last couple of weeks there was no week in review as I had nothing to write about.  Yes that's right, absolutely nothing! Zero! Zilch! I was working full time as a temp for a couple of weeks after the redundancy and as I only worked part time before (25 hours) changing to a 40 hour week was a real shock to the system! All I did was eat, work, sleep repeat.  Those of you who work full time and still manage to find things to do and blog about it.......I applaud you!

Last Monday was my first day of unemployment but no lazy lie-in for me as I had to take my car into the garage first thing as one of the engine management lights came on.  I also mentioned that when I do 70mph my car judders and this only happened after I got my front two tyres replaced.  When I went to pick up my car in the afternoon I handed over my credit card expecting a big bill and was told  " that will be £8.40".  Yes there is a decimal point in there, I don't think I have ever had a garage bill so cheap!! They have reset the codes so hopefully that's the end of the light coming on and they also re-aligned my wheels.

As my car was in the garage I walked into town to drop some things off at the charity shop and on the hunt for any vintage finds I noticed these lovely Duralex cups in silver holders.  They were only £6 for 6.  I thought these would be ideal for Autumn/Winter for our hot chocolates, mulled wine or hot spiced apple drinks.  I can't believe I'm actually thinking of Autumn/Winter when we haven't even had Summer yet!!  The rest of Monday was round at my parent's for dinner before heading on to my acupuncture session where I managed a relaxing snooze before going home.

Duralex Cups

Tuesday and Wednesday was spent catching up with housework and clearing out stuff.  On Thursday I met my Mum and Auntie for a coffee and before heading home I nipped in to Hobbycraft for some bits and pieces for an upcoming craft post.  That evening I was browsing on Oasis' website and I treated myself to a new biker jacket and a grey top that was in their sale, I've been doing quite a bit of that lately treating myself, I will have a haul post up on the blog shortly.

Friday was payday!! I ended up with two wages as I was paid from my old job where I got my notice pay and holiday pay, and also a weekly wage from the temping job that I had been doing.  I will need to watch my money though as this has to last until I get my next job.  I'm taking a break from working just now until after I've had IVF as I thought it would be easier to not have a job since I would need time off to attend appointments and also just means I can relax and have no stress going on.  My only stress at the moment is what to have for dinner.

Saturday was spent doing a bit of retail therapy and watching The Voice, is it just me or does anyone else think that show is a pile of crap?! Having watched the American version I have to say that our one is ......well a bit shit really!  Ok Ricky Wilson is easy on the eye and Will.i.am can be entertaining but it just seems to fall a bit flat with me.

Sunday was just spent lazing about, I'm starting to get tired really easily just now due to my IVF meds, I'm doing a long protocol which means the injections I'm doing just now are putting me through the menopause and I have absolutely no energy whatsoever.  I managed to put one load of washing into the machine and that was me done for the day! And I can't even begin to tell you the pain I'm in when taking my bra off at night!!

Have a good week whatever you get up to and let's hope the Spring like weather we have today is the start :)!

Sunday, 15 March 2015

How to Date Babycham Glasses

different styles of Babycham

All things vintage have been making a comeback for a while, sometimes you can get an absolute bargain (I had a 1960s Pyrex dish on a stand that I bought for £2, I ended up selling it months later on eBay for £82!) or sometimes you can end up paying a fortune for a piece that you really want.  I usually find charity shops and sometimes eBay good places for buying vintage pretties cheaply.

My friend and I were at an Antique centre recently and I found someone selling six 1970s Babycham glasses for £78!! I do realise that they are a business and need to make money but I couldn't believe how much they were charging for them.  The vintage shop that I go to in Aberdeen sell theirs for £10 each which isn't too bad.  I'm lucky that my Mum had a set which belonged to my Gran that I could have, so I got those for free.  Although when I told her how much they were charging for them at the Antique Centre she did say she would sell them to me for £50! Imagine, my own Mother trying to rip me off!!

So enough rambling and let's get back to the Babycham glasses which this post is about.  Everyone recognises the Babycham brand due to their cute deer logo (apart from the crap rebranding in the Nineties to a yellow B on a blue background, before returning to the cute deer again!) but did you know that you could estimate the date your Babycham glasses just by looking at the design of them? The main difference is the style of the deer as it changes throughout the decades.  

In the Fifties the fawn is white and wearing his trademark bow, he is in a standing position.  The stem is hexagonal and there is a dark blue Babycham logo on the base.  This type is supposed to be the rarest to find but I have seen quite a few of them listed on eBay, far more than the earlier 1960s version listed below.

How to date babycham glasses

In the early sixties there is still a hexagonal stem but this then changes to a rounded stem in the mid/late 60s.  Also the logo changes in the early sixties to a quadruple lined font in a light blue colour before returning to the more blockier dark blue font on the base a few years later.  The fawn is facing to the right and is now a tan colour.

how old is my babycham glass
Babycham Font

These seem to be the more common version found (there are loads of  this type on eBay) still with a rounded stem that has crossed over from the late 60s and the blocky blue Babycham logo.  Now the fawn is facing the other way in a prancing position and is a yellow colour.

Babycham Glasses

There have been much later limited edition glasses released since the 1970s including a top hat wearing deer for the Millenium and a 60th Anniversary one in 2013 that's worth looking out for if  you want to collect the whole range - maybe one day I will collect them all.

If you liked this post then check out my bar cart styling post :)

Saturday, 14 March 2015

Super Easy Nachos

Vegetarian Nachos

As it was Mr M's birthday earlier in the week I decided to have a few hot snacks to have while his brother and partner were round to visit.  I'm still working full time at the moment so time is something I'm very short on just now so I just wanted something very quick and easy to do.  

I decided on nachos as they are the ultimate sharing party food as it looks pretty and is delicious too.  These would be ideal for a night in watching a film, having a party or if you just fancy pigging out!!  They only take a few minutes to prepare and around ten minutes to cook so they will be ready in no time.  If you are short on time you can pick up the grated cheese, salsa, guacamole and sour cream while you are shopping or if time isn't an issue and you want to make your own salsa and guacamole then check out my recipe here.

What you need:

Family sized bag of Tortillas (if you are Gluten Free, Marks & Spencer's do a good range of them in different flavours)
Grated cheese
Sour Cream
Spring onions (chopped)
Sliced Black Olives

How to make:

Place a layer of tortilla chips on the bottom of a baking dish

Nachos Recipe

Sprinkle a generous layer of grated cheese over the top (I used a four cheese mix) and then top with another layer of tortilla chips and some more cheese.  I added some chilli cheese to the mix for added spiciness.

Nachos Recipe

Put in a preheated oven (Fan 180 deg) until all the cheese melts for around 10-15 mins.  Once the cheese has melted, remove from oven and top with the chopped spring onion, sliced black olives, salsa, guacamole, sour cream and if you like them, jalapeƱos.  They are now ready to eat! Enjoy :)


Sunday, 8 March 2015

Bar Cart Styling

Home Drinks Bar

As most of you know I have a love of vintage and my current obsession along with 1950s drinking glasses is Babycham collectables.  Rather than have them tucked away in a cupboard somewhere never seeing the light of day I decided to have them out on display to show off their gorgeousness.  I didn't want them in a display cabinet but then I remembered seeing a bar cart last year on Pinterest where someone had all their pretty glasses on display along with their booze and bar accessories.  So that's what I was going to do!

Even better was that my Mum had one of these carts sitting in the garage lying unused since we moved into that house in 1991, so she got rid of some clutter and I got a bar cart for free. Win-win for everyone (and she even cleaned it up for me too before I picked it up. Thanks Mum!).  There is a  cart identical to this one on eBay that is a Buy it Now for £49.95 + £18 p&p so I scored a bargain ;)!!

Vintage Hostess Trolley

Once I got the cart back to my house I settled on it going into the kitchen and putting it next to the table and then got to the most exciting bit.......styling it!!  I keep all of our drinks in a sideboard so took them all out and started arranging them on to the top tier.  During this time Ben decided to wake up and being a cat obviously has to investigate this foreign object in his house, after having a good sniff he decided that he needed a closer look and jumped onto the table and then on to the cart!!  Luckily there were no glasses on it at that moment so since then I have kept the kitchen door shut when we are out of the house/at night to prevent inquisitive ginger cats from smashing their owner's vintage glass collection.

Going back to the styling part I placed my matching glittery wine cooler and cocktail shaker that I got around ten (or maybe more) years ago one Christmas and an ice crusher that my Mum gave me many moons ago on the top tier (this comes off and can be used as a tray).  I bought the crystal ice bucket from a charity shop for £5, the peacock patterned cocktail napkins were from eBay and I used the colour in those for the theme of my bar.  I bought blue/green and purple striped paper straws as those are the colours that you would find in peacock feathers and placed them in a Kilner jar with a peacock feather patterned ribbon around the rim.  I also bought lovely vintage glass swizzle sticks but they are very delicate so they will just be used for show. 

Home Bar Ideas

On the middle tier of the cart is where I put the glassware, the pitcher at the back was bought a couple of years ago from IKEA but the rest of the shelf is vintage.  I have 4 pink sugar frosted glasses with gold bands, 6 white fawn Babycham glasses (these belonged to my Gran), since I had Babycham glasses from the 1950s I just had to get ones from the 1960s and 1970s too (I will put up a post next week on how to date your Babycham glasses) which I found on eBay.  I also bought 4 gold star and feathered tumblers and 5 coloured mini brandy glasses (not sure which era these were from) that tied in with the peacock theme.

Vintage Drinking Glasses Babycham 1950s

On the bottom tier was where I put the soft drinks, plastic swizzle sticks, cocktail umbrellas, glass charms, jar of maraschino cherries and for extra kitschness bottles of Snowballs and Babycham.

Home bar ideas soft drinks

I am loving the way that the bar cart looks and will likely decorate it when Halloween and Christmas comes round.  Mr M was away on a course when I did this so although he doesn't share my enthusiasm for the cart, he did say that it looked nice.  As we are going through IVF at the end of April we can't drink so we will just have to admire the alcohol for now but I will be having a vintage cocktail party later in the year so look out for that post.

Have you ever held a cocktail party?  What is your favourite cocktail?


Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Week in Review 23 Feb - 1 March

Happy Tuesday people! Hope you have all had a fantastic weekend, can't believe that is us into March now but at least Spring is nearly upon us.  You can definitely see the evenings getting lighter and only a few more weeks until the clocks go forward (it's Sunday 29th March if you don't already know) and then it will still be light around 7pm.

Not much been happening this week at Chez Dee's, Mr M was down in Glasgow on a course for most of the week although I am glad that he is back I did enjoy having the house to myself for a few days.  I have been buying a few vintage items on eBay that I will unveil in a post later this week but here is a few pics to keep you guessing.

I also bought a dress on eBay too from Oasis, it is perfect for the Summer months and possibly a party that I have coming up.

With regard to my jobless situation (I will be gone by Friday) I registered at an employment agency on Tuesday so hopefully they can come up with something for me soon.  So until something comes up I will just enjoy being on an extended holiday.

Hope you all have a lovely week :)

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