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How to Date Babycham Glasses

different styles of Babycham

All things vintage have been making a comeback for a while, sometimes you can get an absolute bargain (I had a 1960s Pyrex dish on a stand that I bought for £2, I ended up selling it months later on eBay for £82!) or sometimes you can end up paying a fortune for a piece that you really want.  I usually find charity shops and sometimes eBay good places for buying vintage pretties cheaply.

My friend and I were at an Antique centre recently and I found someone selling six 1970s Babycham glasses for £78!! I do realise that they are a business and need to make money but I couldn't believe how much they were charging for them.  The vintage shop that I go to in Aberdeen sell theirs for £10 each which isn't too bad.  I'm lucky that my Mum had a set which belonged to my Gran that I could have, so I got those for free.  Although when I told her how much they were charging for them at the Antique Centre she did say she would sell them to me for £50! Imagine, my own Mother trying to rip me off!!

So enough rambling and let's get back to the Babycham glasses which this post is about.  Everyone recognises the Babycham brand due to their cute deer logo (apart from the crap rebranding in the Nineties to a yellow B on a blue background, before returning to the cute deer again!) but did you know that you could estimate the date your Babycham glasses just by looking at the design of them? The main difference is the style of the deer as it changes throughout the decades.  

In the Fifties the fawn is white and wearing his trademark bow, he is in a standing position.  The stem is hexagonal and there is a dark blue Babycham logo on the base.  This type is supposed to be the rarest to find but I have seen quite a few of them listed on eBay, far more than the earlier 1960s version listed below.

How to date babycham glasses

In the early sixties there is still a hexagonal stem but this then changes to a rounded stem in the mid/late 60s.  Also the logo changes in the early sixties to a quadruple lined font in a light blue colour before returning to the more blockier dark blue font on the base a few years later.  The fawn is facing to the right and is now a tan colour.

how old is my babycham glass
Babycham Font

These seem to be the more common version found (there are loads of  this type on eBay) still with a rounded stem that has crossed over from the late 60s and the blocky blue Babycham logo.  Now the fawn is facing the other way in a prancing position and is a yellow colour.

Babycham Glasses

There have been much later limited edition glasses released since the 1970s including a top hat wearing deer for the Millenium and a 60th Anniversary one in 2013 that's worth looking out for if  you want to collect the whole range - maybe one day I will collect them all.

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