Sunday, 14 September 2014

Motivational Monday #3

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Last week I never managed to do a motivational Monday post as I had been to the clinic the previous Friday and was told that I wasn't responding to the drugs that I was on so well this time.  No amount of motivational quotes were going to make me feel remotely positive, so I gave it a miss.

Today at 11am I will be going in for an embryo transfer, I will be getting 2 three day embryos (providing they are still doing ok) transferred back into my uterus and I am about to endure the longest two weeks of my life until I find out whether or not the IVF has been successful.  All through this cycle I've been focussing on the fact that I wasn't responding too well to the drugs, I didn't produce enough eggs and finally only had 2 eggs that fertilised, which for me is crap! I felt that this was a wasted cycle and if I had been given the option to have cancelled it then I would have.

Mr M told me to stop being negative and thinking it will fail before it's even started.  He told me that some people don't respond to their drugs at all, some people don't have any eggs that they can use and some people don't even get any fertilisation.  He said that we are lucky to have come this far and that all it takes is one embryo to become pregnant not 10 or 20!  This was something that my acupuncturist also told me.  Also what makes me think that it wouldn't work? Well I couldn't answer that, other than "cos it wont!" (Said in a spoiled child voice)

So many of us focus on what can go wrong when doing something instead of focussing on what can go right, I think we do it for self-preservation as if it does go belly up then it won't hurt as much or so we can say "I knew it wouldn't work!"  But what if things do work? Let's face it loads of people try new things every day and not everyone fails at whatever they do, so why can't it be you that it goes right for?  What makes you different from everyone else that things go right for? Nothing!! So next time you are doing an exam, having a job interview, or asking that hot guy out then focus on what could go right instead of thinking what if I fail, what if I don't get the job or what if he says no!  You just might pass that exam, get that job and that hot guy :)!

So from now I will attempt to  be positive and focus on what can go right for us and not what can go wrong, (if you have been through IVF yourself then you know that this is total bollocks and it is unlikely that for the whole two weeks that I'm going to be Mrs Positive) I will most likely be like this for the first week but by the second I am sure I will be dwelling on what could go wrong!

 I really need to take my own advice more often :)

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

A-Z of Me Clothes - A Clothing Haul

Following on from my previous A-Z's, this time it is the letter C. I thought on posting about my car but with the rain we have been having lately, the lighting outside wasn't very good plus it needed washing,  so I took the lazy way out and decided to cover it under my clothing haul!  I managed to get quite a lot of bargains in the sales this Summer so this is what I got :)!

From Oasis:

I got a lovely shift dress which would be ideal for work.  It was £65 down to £38.  I also got a jacket to match which was £65 marked down to £40 but when I got to the till it scanned at £28....bonus!

This pretty dress was (I think) £55 pre-sale but down to £38.  I never read the label before washing it and tumble dried it and has now shrunk slightly.  So a valuable lesson was learned there: Always Read The Label!!

I love bags and this Betty Colour Block Barrel bag was coming home with me as it was a bargain at £15.  Another bag I picked up in the sale was this gorgeous coral coloured bag again only £15!

This statement necklace was £7, the ring £5 and the earrings (not on sale) £8.

From Miss Selfridge:

I bought this mint green jumper with a cute Dutch rabbit on the side.  I bought it as it reminded me on  Buffy, my first ever bunny many moons ago.  It was £30 down to £15.

From Next:

Another Bunny Jumper!  This time with one wearing glasses.  It was also £15.

SuperDry Jumper £20

From New Look

I'm loving the Kimonos that are out at the moment so I bought two!  I think they were both around £25.

From Primark

A polka dot peplum top that was only £8

I saw this lovely white jumper with a beaded collar and picked that up too.  I don't really need any more jumpers as I have loads but as it was so pretty I bought it anyway.  This was £14.

I do love a good clothing haul! I also love having a nosy to see what other people buy and their clothing style too.  Do you shop regularly throughout the year or do you buy your clothes in one big haul for the upcoming season?


Monday, 1 September 2014

Motivational Monday #2

Motivational Monday
From Pinterest

When was the last time you did something for the first time?  When did you last try a new restaurant instead of going to your usual one and ordering the same thing off the menu or how about jumping into your car and just driving somewhere where you have never been before?  As children we are always trying new things but once we are adults we seem to just stick to what we know and like.  While it is much easier to stick to what you know and being in your comfort zone, it does get a bit boring and repetitive.  This is something that I am guilty of, not because I'm scared of trying new things but it's so much simpler just to carry on with what you are already doing.

So how about stepping out of that comfort zone and trying something new? Whether you are extremely brave and want to bungee jump or sky dive (well done you if you are that person) or not as brave (that would be me then) and try out a new recipe, learn a new language or how to play an instrument?  By doing this we are opening up to new experiences and maybe meeting new friends.  You may even like it and if you don't? Well who cares, at least you gave it a try!

What things would you like to try for the first time?

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