Sunday, 25 May 2014

My Furry Monsters Part 2 - Louis

Last week I introduced you to Ben our cat and this week it is Louis' turn. Louis was originally going to be the first of my pets that I was going to write about so it would tie in with National Rabbit Awareness Week but unfortunately he was unwell and had to spend a couple of days at the vet.  Thankfully he has made a full recovery and now has his own post.

Louis is a black (possibly an Alaskan?) rabbit and he will be 9 years old in July so that make him quite an old bunny as he is 84 years old in human years.  He was originally known as Smudge and was brought into my work (I used to be a Veterinary Nurse) by his owner with his scrotum ripped and his testicle hanging out.  His owner had kept two entire (un-neutered) males together, which you shouldn't do as they will fight which happened in this case.  When the Vet checked him over and saw his injuries, she advised his owner to have him neutered.  His owner didn't seem too keen on him being castrated but he was kept in overnight so we could assess the damage the next day while he was under a general anaesthetic.

While he was asleep we could see that there was a lot of infection there as he had an infected wound that tracked up the inside of his thigh right to his groin.  This had to be treated first before we could castrate him or at least stitch his wound up otherwise we would be sealing in the infection.  When the owner was told about this and the cost the treatment would incur, she replied that it "was cheaper getting another rabbit!" I decided then that he was going to come home with me (this is an occupational hazard when you work in a veterinary practice!) to start a new life and also to change his name to something that suited him better.

I've had a number of bunnies over the years and he is definitely the one that has been the most hard work.  It took him nearly 4 years to trust us properly as he would attack you when you put your hand in to remove his food bowl, you could only stroke his head and if you dared to touch his side then that was another bite you got.  Now he doesn't mind you removing his food bowl as that means he is getting nice things, he loves cuddles and he has a friend in the cat where they take it in turns to chase one another around the house.

Name:  Louis

Nicknames:  Lou-Lou, Lewis (when bad)

Age:  9 in July

Eats:  Supa Rabbit Excel Lite, Timothy Hay, Greens such as kale, rocket & spinach, and also my yoghurt drop treats.

Loves:  Food, especially greens (Rocket is my favourite).  Getting my ears stroked.  Chasing Chorlton around the house.  Going up to the Caravan for my holidays.

Hates:  When Chorlton has had enough of chasing and bats me in the face.  Coming home from my holidays, I hide when it's time to go and thump very loudly to show that I'm really not happy about leaving.

Favourite toy:  My Teach n Treat as I get to eat yoghurt drops when I find them.  Also the cat activity mat when Chorlton isn't using it.

Have you ever adopted your pet? I'd love to hear your stories :)


Saturday, 24 May 2014

Mug Swap

A couple of months ago Cupcake Mumma asked if anyone would be interested in doing a Mug Swap on Twitter.  Thinking this would be a fantastic idea I said that I would love to be involved.  Everyone was paired up with someone and emails were swapped.  This meant that you got to find out what the person you were paired up with liked and disliked.

I was paired up with a lovely lady called Collette, after exchanging emails I discovered that she is into dressmaking and even used to have a blog on her makes, hopefully she starts up a new one soon so we can all see what she has made.  Since Collette loved fabrics, I thought that a Cath Kidston mug would be ideal as a lot of their mug designs are the same pattern as their fabrics.  I settled on the Hampton Ditsy Stanley Mug as it is a pretty design.  I also added in a Floral pin cushion and some chocolate eggs too.  I have a confession as the Peppermint Tea in the picture didn't end up going with the mug as there was no room in the box and I didn't have a box big enough.  If you are reading this, Collette I apologise :)!

I received a lovely Polish mug that Collette bought from a Farmer's Market, a box of Lindt Chocolates and some sachets of flavoured Hot Chocolate.  The mug has a vintage feel to it with a lovely blue and green apple design.

I loved doing the swap as it was fun buying something for someone that you don't really know that well, and also the unexpected of what kind of mug you were going to get in return.

Have you ever participated in anything like this? Have you ever received something that you didn't like? Or were you involved in Cupcake Mumma's Mug Swap too?  I'd love to hear from you!


Saturday, 17 May 2014

My Furry Monsters Part One - Ben

Bloggers pets

I thought that I would blog about my furry monsters (or pets to normal people). Most people I've met over the years are animal lovers, some love dogs but hate cats, others don't like "things with tails"(gerbils, rats, etc) but are into horses so with this in mind I thought you might like to be introduced to my animals. Over the next couple of weeks I will write a piece about each of them, so this week I will be starting with Ben.

Ben is a Domestic Short Haired Ginger Tabby.  He is 18 years old and that makes him very old in human years, 89 years old in fact! If you want to find out how old your cat is in human years use the cat calculator to find out.  For his age he is still quite agile and will jump onto the windowsill no problem but he does tend to snooze a lot more now his years are advancing.

Ben was actually Mr M's cat before I came along but he has allowed me to share a house with him and Mr M without any problems.  He has realised that if he wants something during the night that I am the person whose face he has to meow into to wake up as Mr M has the ability to sleep through it!  Here is Ben's Q & A:

Name: Ben

Nicknames:  Ben-Ben, Benny, Benjamin (when bad) Ginge

Age:  18 years old

Eats: Hills' Feline K/D (special diet for cats with chronic renal disease)

Loves: Tuna (every weekend, has to be tinned with spring water not sunflower oil as I won't eat it!).  Cuddles.  My Mummy's fleecy onesie (I like to pad her tummy when she wears this). Summer, as I like to lie out in the garden and sunbathe.

Hates:  Rain, wind, cold, Winter weather in general. Getting my nails clipped.  Going in the car as that means a trip to the vet or once we even moved house!!  The black cat that lives down the road that beats me up.

Favourite toy: Difficult decision as I love my toy mouse but I also love it when my owners use the laser pen. I can never catch that red dot!!

What pets do you have? Do they do crazy things? I'd love to hear about them :)


Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Vintage Afternoon Tea Party

Since I got my vintage tea set for my Christmas I have been looking for a opportunity to use them so now that my friend has come back from travelling and since I hadn't seen my cousin and Auntie for a while I decided to have a vintage Afternoon Tea party.  We settled on last Saturday as a day that we could all manage to meet up.  I invited one of my other friends and also my Mum to come along too.

I had been looking for other vintage items that I could use for my tea party which you can see here and I was also given things of my Gran's that my Mum had.  I decided on a menu with sandwiches: Cream Cheese and Cucumber, Ham and Red Onion Chutney and Egg and Cress; cakes: Mini Cupcakes, Mini Cream Cakes, Shortbread, Marshmallow Top Hats and Mini Scones with Clotted Cream and Jam.

I bought my groceries from Sainsbury's and Marks & Spencer the day before and then got up at 6.45am (yawn) to start my baking and sandwich making.  Some pics of my grocery haul:

Some pics of my table set up:

Everyone had a really enjoyable afternoon and it was good to catch up with everyone. although it was hard work I will definitely do it again. One of the things that I will do is not to buy so much as typically there was too much food and I will now be eating cake for the rest of the month.

Have you ever hosted Afternoon Tea? Or have you been to a posh hotel for their Afternoon Tea?


Sunday, 11 May 2014

Vintage Pretties Haul

I've always loved vintage things but i don't really have much on display as it doesn't really go with the look of our house.  So the things are either in our sideboard or at my mum's until I find more space to hide them from Mr M store them somewhere safe.  The only thing that I do have out is in our kitchen where I have my Homepride Fred baking set which was given to me on my 5th birthday some ahem 30 or so years ago.  I don't use him anymore but he has pride of place on top of my kitchen worktop.  They sell on eBay for over £50 but there is no way that I would ever get rid of him.

So getting back to my vintage buys and the lovely things my mum has given me......I've got a post coming up in the next few weeks that I have bought some of these things for but I really wanted to show you what I've got just now :)!

Starting off with this glass cake stand.  It's made by Chance Glass (thinking it was probably in the 1960/70s I had a look on the internet to see when this design was manufactured and discovered it was 1975.  This is the year of my birth and has now depressed me to consider myself as vintage!!) and has a scalloped edge with a gold handle and gold edging with a pink blossom decoration.  It is in excellent condition as it has no chips or cracks and I bought it from a local charity shop for the bargain price of £2!  My mum used to have the Anemone design in a sandwich platter and cake stand but she got rid of it years ago, I'm sure most people will remember someone in their family such as Grans, old Aunties, etc owning one.

Retro Chance Glass Cake Plate 1970's

When I had been in buying the cake stand I noticed a Sona Tea Service in the shop but didn't buy it as it's not going to go with my 1930s Tea Set as they are made from stainless steel and have teak handles.  I remember my mum owning one of these too when I was younger and I think that nearly every household in the 1970's owned one of these!  I thought about this tea service all night and made up my mind to go back after my work to see if they still had it.  Luckily it was still there so I quickly snapped it up and took it to the till.  It is in really good condition, no staining in the teapot just a couple of light scratches on it but everything else didn't have a mark on it.  It only cost £6 but I have noticed a few people on eBay selling these and someone was asking for £24.99 as a buy it now!  I have a Christmas  Tea Set from 1981 (I suppose things from the 80s will be classed as vintage too. Sigh!) that I think this would be perfect for.

I was given a vintage tea set from my parents at Christmas, along with an embroidered tablecloth that my Gran had made and also a tea cloth that my Mum had made when she was younger.  Unfortunately there was no tea pot that came with the set so I have been looking for one that would either match the pattern or have similar colours.  I went to a vintage shop in Aberdeen called Peapod (if you live in the area I recommend you pay them a visit) where there is a treasure trove of vintage pretties such as tea sets, jewellery, ornaments, clothes, books and much, much more.  I found a pretty teapot that although doesn't match the pattern of my set it does have the same pink and purple colours.  I decided that it was coming home with me there and then, my lovely Mum even paid for it (thanks Mum).  It was £18 which is a pretty good price for a vintage teapot!

I continued my vintage shopping spree in the charity shop across the road from Peapod where I picked up these lovely china place cards for £5.  They have gold edging and a china flower in the top left hand corner.  There were six in the box and two of each colour pink, blue and white.

When leaving the shop I mentioned to my Mum that I had been outbidded on eBay for six linen vintage napkins that would have went with my tablecloth.  She told me that she had some at home that I could have and also a cake plate that was my Gran's.

And finally, my last vintage buy!  This Lemonade set looks to be from the 1950's and is in immaculate condition so I think it must have been rarely used, if not at all.  It came with 6 glasses each with a different fruit painted on it and a large pitcher with a lemon on one side and a bunch of grapes on the other.  This will be used a lot in the Summer months when we are sitting in our garden (well that's the idea anyway!).

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